Amplifying Positive Outcomes by the Power of Free Will

Tuesday February 9, 2021
4:30 - 6:00 PM
Workshop 5

Have you ever thought “How can I make this school great?” Learn how an under performing school transformed into a national model utilizing the concept of free will and personal power. The presenter will demonstrate how power comes from choice, not force and how educators cannot coerce others to change; but they can encourage and inspire change through their own behaviors and language. Participants will learn how to maximize social-emotional learning opportunities, respond effectively in the moment of conflict, transform language of powerlessness to language of responsibility/choice, and how to teach adults/children prosocial strategies for getting their needs met. Discover how the leader's conscious shift yielded increased academic scores, lowered behavior incidents, and a transformed climate and culture. See how this process of change resulted in the honorable distinction of being named the first Early Childhood program in the NATION to be a State School of Character.

building leaders
early childhood education