Tara Brown

Learner's Edge Consulting

Known as ‘The Connection Coach’, Tara Brown is an award­-winning educator, trainer and international speaker. Tara holds a M.Ed in Administration and Supervision. Her 34 year journey has taken her from rural FL to gang territory in CA and to one of the largest high schools in TN with over 45 countries represented. Her international engagements have included Dubai and Beirut. Tara has worked primarily with under-resourced youth and believes strongly that a major key to student success is the ability to connect and build positive relationships with caring adults. Much of the success in the classroom was directly tied to the ability to connect with kids at the heart level, hold expectations/accountability very high while showing them unconditional love and support. Since leaving the classroom, she has worked in schools across the nation and beyond, providing training, consulting and keynotes to help equip educators to more effectively connect with, teach and reach under-resourced youth. Tara’s passion and humor continues to drive her work to assist in unleashing the potential of youth ONE connection at a time.