Ryan Patenaude

Co-Founder & Sr. Vice President
FEV Tutor

Ryan Patenaude came from a family of public educators and co-founded FEV Tutor, a vision-driven Education Technology company working to affect change in K-12 public education. He has helped grow adoption of FEV Tutor to more than 400+ schools/districts nationally, working primarily under ESSA/ESEA funded programs with At-Risk and Special Student populations, and has been working in K-12 Education space for more than ten years, with an eye towards innovation, change, and continuous improvement. Eber Perla, is a passionate Educator, with experience working with At-Risk and Special Student populations in many capacities, and now leads a Collegiate Academy, as part of a comprehensive Title I High School at Dallas ISD where his teachers and students achieved the highest State Test Proficiency Rates in a district of 230+ schools and 155,000+ students. He has had great success driving academic achievement with an eye towards college and career readiness.