Paulette Richmond Hart, PhD

Associate Superintendent
Dougherty County Schools

Paulette Richmond Hart considered pursuing constitutional law as a career, but education won in the end. An educator for 24 years, Paulette is passionate about research related to academic achievement for all students ... all learners. Her other interests include school improvement, diversity, equity, student discipline and alternative learning opportunities. Paulette has worked with middle school, high school, non-traditional and collegiate programs, both at the instructional and administrative levels. In addition, she has worked with the Georgia Department of Education which afforded her the opportunity to support statewide initiatives, collaborate with school and district leaders and facilitate professional learning sessions. Currently she serves as one of the associate superintendents in Dougherty County Schools providing oversight to the following departments: Federal Programs, Family and Community Engagement, Turnaround and School Improvement. Paulette is married to Troy Hart Jr. who also serves students, staff and families in Dougherty County Schools.