Derrick Henry, Jr.

Student Leader/Speaker
Volusia County Schools

Master Derrick Henry, Jr. is a 2nd-grade student at Holly Hill K-8 School where he is a student leader. His performance, as a 1st grader, at the Volusia County Institute for School Administrators entitled “Engage Us or Enrage Us,” went viral on social media. Master Derrick has given a multitude of presentations including “Teachers, Do You Believe In Me”; “Look at Us, Love Us and Lead Us”; “Boys Like Me Need Men Like You”; and “The Dangers of Drugs.” He presented "The ABC’s of Black History,” written by his mother, at the President’s Assembly at Bethune-Cookman to an enthralled audience of over 2,000 people. An avid reader, he has read over 500 books. He is currently enrolled in an online Spanish course and counts Math as his favorite subject.