Exhibitor Policies

All exhibiting companies agree to be bound by the updated official Terms and Conditions.

Exhibit Space Assignment

Exhibiting companies select their own virtual exhibit spaces and sponsorships on a first-come, first-served basis. Show Management reserves the right and sole discretion to select the virtual event platform on which to host the virtual Exhibit Hall and alter the virtual Exhibit Hall layout, Exhibit Hall hours, virtual booth spaces and, if necessary, change the virtual event hosting platform at any time in the best interest of the Conference.

Booth Configuration

All virtual exhibit booths consist of a dedicated Exhibitor Page that includes company name, description, logo, tags for filtered search, lead retrieval, videos, materials, links to external websites, chat and polling, and a Virtual Tradeshow Booth (an embedded Zoom-style video meeting room that can be staffed during dedicated Exhibit Hall hours). Exhibitors will also have access to booth traffic metrics and pre-/post-registration lists.   

Booth Customization

It is the sole responsibility of each Exhibitor to manage the content of their virtual Exhibit Booth. Paid in full exhibiting companies will receive unique login credentials to allow Exhibitors to complete the virtual booth setup. Email communications will be sent with details about creating staff logins and booth setup instructions.

All virtual exhibit booths and sponsorship items are purchased online. Items may be paid for at the time of selection or held for a maximum of 10 days pending payment. All major credit cards are accepted through your online account including: American Express, Discover, Visa, and Mastercard. If you prefer to pay by check, please download and follow the Official Check Payment Instructions. These instructions must be followed exactly or your check will be returned and items reserved will no longer be held for you.

Neither the National Association of ESEA State Program Administrators, nor any of the officers, employees, agents, contractors and affiliates of such entities, nor the owners, management company, employees or representatives of the hosting platform will be responsible for any injury, loss or damage that may occur to the virtual Exhibitor or to the virtual Exhibitor’s employees or property, prior, during or subsequent to the period covered by the virtual exhibit. The virtual Exhibitor expressly releases the foregoing persons and entities from, and agrees to indemnify the same against any and all claims for such loss, damage or injury arising from the negligent or willful acts or omission of the virtual Exhibitor and its employees, agents, contractors, and invitees.

Any accident or incident involving or occurring in Exhibitor’s Virtual Booth, or as it relates to Virtual Booth personnel are the express responsibility of the virtual Exhibitor.

Five complimentary exhibitor staff registrations are provided for each exhibit booth. Complimentary exhibitor registrations provide access to the virtual Exhibit Hall and all Conference Sessions. Exhibitor staff registrations are non-transferable to individuals not directly affiliated with the exhibiting company. Additional registrations are not available.

Exhibitors will receive emails prior to the event with login credentials and instructions for configuring and using the virtual Exhibit Booth at least six weeks prior to the event.

The Conference cancellation policy is incorporated in the overall Exhibiting Terms and Conditions. Ensure that you have read all terms, as they apply to all conference-related purchases. No exceptions are made. All exhibitor cancellations must be made using this official Exhibitor Cancellation Form and and no refunds are available after the 7-day buyer's remorse period.

All Virtual Exhibit Booths and sponsorship items carry a 7-day buyer's remorse clause that permits a full refund if the written cancellation request (using this official Exhibitor Cancellation Form) is received for the exhibit space or sponsorship item within 7 days of purchase. After the 7-day period, these items are nonrefundable.

Exhibiting companies that purchased a booth space and/or sponsorship prior to August 1, 2020 that do not wish to participate in the virtual National ESEA Conference are not eligible for a refund outside the standard 7-day period, but may elect to receive a credit for the full value of the purchase to be used at the next in-person National ESEA Conference. Credit requests must be received prior to October 13, 2020. 

All activities scheduled outside of the virtual conference platform, including meetings, special events, sales presentations, webinars, chat groups, group emails, and/or receptions planned for any Conference attendees, must occur outside of Conference hours and must be approved in advance by Show Management. Any such activities not approved and/or conflicting with the Conference schedule as determined by Show Management will be in direct violation of the exhibitor terms and conditions and may result in loss of exhibit privileges or other penalties. For official approval, please fill out the Associated Exhibitor Request Form. We will review the request and contact you as soon as possible.

The virtual Exhibit Hall will be open to attendees on all four days of the event. During this time attendees will be able to explore the virtual booths and watch embedded videos, read supporting materials, and follow links to exhibitor web pages. Days 2 and 3 of the Conference will include periods of dedicated Exhibit Hall time during which no standard sessions are conducted and attendees are encuraged to explore the Exhibit Hall. During these periods exhibitors may choose to host live Tradeshow meetings (Zoom-style video meetings that allow for direct engagement between exhibiting staff and attendess, as well as the ability to break out into small groups for more personal inteeraction). It is the responsibility of exhibiting staff to start and host the Tradeshow meetings.


Email communications will be sent in advance of the Conference. These will include detailed instructions on staff logins as well as virtual booth setup instructions. It is the sole responsibility of the exhibiting company to customize their booth. Customization includes but is not limited to; Name, logo, description, videos and materials, links, tags for filtered search, and polls. Tech checks will be made available in lead up to the Conference. Tech check appointment dates and times will be emailed to Exhibitors in advance of the Conference. Tech checks will not be available once the Conference has started. While tech checks are not mandatory they are encouraged. We will also provide access to guides and/or supporting materials to familiarize Exhibitors with virtual booth setup and functionality.

Any company that fails to abide by these Terms and Conditions may be dismissed from Conference participation and may jeopardize the exhibiting company’s participation in future events. Show Management has the right to enforce all Terms and Conditions at Exhibitor’s expense. If the Exhibitor defaults in the performance of any terms or conditions (inclusive of payment of fees, maintenance of insurance, and compliance with any and all rules and requirements), Show Management, at its option, may immediately terminate exhibitor participation. Upon such termination, Exhibitor’s rights and privileges for this event shall terminate, and Show Management shall have the right to take possession of the virtual exhibit booth occupied by the Exhibitor and to remove all persons and materials, without any liability.