Attendee Payments & Policies

ESEA Network is committed to providing a productive and welcoming environment for all meeting participants and staff. Each and every participant, including attendees, speakers, exhibitors, Association staff and service providers, is expected to understand and follow attendee policies. These expectations apply to all ESEA meeting-related events, including those events held in conjunction with the National ESEA Conference.

  • Payment is accepted online via all major credit cards.
  • If paying by check, the Official Check Payment Instructions must be followed.
  • Credit cards entered for payment are charged immediately. Charges are listed on your credit card statement as "ESEA Network."
  • Changing the form of payment will result in a $75 administrative fee per affected invoice.
  • Purchase orders are not accepted as payment, but a purchase order number may be entered on your invoice.
  • All conference related purchases are confirmed only upon payment in full.
  • How to pay for multiple invoices with one payment
  • Beginning January 1, 2021, all registrations and reservations must be paid in full at the time of selection.
  • All terms and conditions must be agreed to at the time of payment.

  • All registration processes occur online through individual user accounts, with only one registration per account.
  • Registration may be held without payment for a maximum of 30 days, or until January 1, whichever comes first.
  • Registrations are confirmed only upon payment in full.
  • Unpaid items at the conclusion of the 30-day grace period (or January 1) will automatically expire and be cancelled.


  • EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION - Now - December 31 - $599.00 per person.
  • STANDARD REGISTRATION - Starting January 1, 2021 - $659.00 per person.

GROUP REGISTRATION (10 or more people)

Upon receipt of payment in full, a unique coupon code will be sent to the email address on file for the user account under which the purchase was made. This coupon will be valid for the number of registrations purchased, and should be entered at checkout by each group member to claim one of the available registrations. Once a group registration has been purchased, additional discounted registrations can be added at any time at the price posted at the time the addition is made.

Registrations purchased at a group rate are subject to the same substitution, cancellation, and refund policies as all other registration types. These registrations are confirmed upon receipt of payment in full, independent of the number of claimed registrations within the group. Eligible refunds will be calculated based on the number of individual registrations canceled, the number of unclaimed registrations, the date of receipt of the cancellation request, and the sliding refund scale.

It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that the individual registrations are shared with the appropriate attendees.

Unclaimed registrations are not eligible for refunds outside the standard refund terms. Cancellation and refund requests must be submitted by the individual that made the initial purchase. Substitution requests may be submitted by individuals that have claimed registrations within the group.

If you cannot attend the Conference, substitutions can be made at any point and at no cost. Ensure the new attendee has an account on this website and Submit this Substitution Request. Substitutions are a great way to eliminate costly cancellation penalties. (Complimentary or discounted registrations are subject to approval prior to substitution.)

If you cannot attend the Conference and there is no other individual to attend in your place, you may cancel your participation by Submitting this Cancellation Form. Please carefully review the cancellation policy to ensure you are aware of timing and refunds available. Refunds are granted for all attendee purchases, including registration, based on the following sliding scale:

Cancellation ReceivedAmount Refunded
Within 7 days of purchase 100% Refund - Buyer's Remorse
May - September 90% Refund
October 75% Refund
November 50% Refund
December - February No Refund

Please note that cancellations are deemed eligible for a refund based on the date the cancellation form is submitted. Phone calls and emails are not acceptable forms of notification.