We are excited to have you present at the 2021 National ESEA Conference! We have put together some images you can use on social media to let your followers know you are presenting. Some are specifically for presenters, and some are general ESEA Conference images. Please share far and wide! Let's get the word out and make this first virtual event our most well attended!


Don't forget to share our hashtag!

You can find graphics for a specific platform by clicking through the tabs below. When you find a graphic you want to use just click it, and it will open in its own window. Then right click and select "Save Image As" to save the image to your computer.


You can also download all the graphics at once using these zip files:

Presenter Specific Graphics (14MB)
General Conference Graphics (16.75MB)

Are we missing anything?
If there is a specific graphic you are looking for feel free to email, and we can help!

LinkedIn Personal Background Images - Presenter Specific (1584px x 396px)

LinkedIn Personal Background Images - General Conference (1584px x 396px)

LinkedIn Company Cover Images - Presenter Specific (1192px x 220px)

Twitter Header Images - Presenter Specific (1500px x 500px)

Twitter Header Images - General Conference (1500px x 500px)

Twitter IN-Stream Images - Presenter Specific (1200px x 628px)

Twitter IN-Stream Images - General Conference (1200px x 628px)

Facebook Cover Photo - Presenter Specific (820px x 312px)

Facebook Cover Photo - General Conference (820px x 312px)

Facebook Shared Image - Presenter Specific (1200px x 630px)

Facebook Shared Image - General Conference (1200px x 630px)

Instagram Photo - Presenter Specific (1080px x 1080px)

Instagram Photo - General Conference (1080px x 1080px)