Schoolwide Strategies for Supporting Student Attendance and Engagement

Thursday February 8, 2024
1:45 - 2:45 PM

This session will provide participants with an overview of the most up to date national trends in chronic absenteeism and opportunities to identify and explore whole-school strategies and supports they could use to improve attendance in their district or school. The session will open with a discussion of national attendance data and provide time for participants to reflect on attendance trends using their local attendance data. Presenters will discuss the importance of whole-school strategies to improve attendance and explore the intersection of supports between state and local educational agencies, including how to coordinate supports between the state, district, and school. The session will conclude with exploring two research-based, schoolwide strategies for improving attendance: family engagement and school connectedness. Participants will identify the role these strategies might play in their education context and engage with presenters on the content of the session.

In-person Lecture