Riverside Academic Parent Teacher Teams (RAPTT): A Community Approach to Student Success

Thursday February 6, 2020
3:30 - 5:00 PM


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This workshop will follow the structure of a “RAPTT” session. The session will begin with the get to know you game, "Where Do You Stand". The participants answer questions and based on their response, they go to either the left or right side of the room. For example, what do you prefer coffee or tea/soda? The participants then find someone in their section to share what type of coffee, drink, or tea they prefer? After answering a few more questions, the participants return to their seats. Once in their seats the presentation will shift their attention to a PowerPoint. The Power Point will guide the participants in exploring the family folder and the basic structure of a “RAPTT” session. The participants will all be provided an example of a family folder containing an anonymous student data graph, activities/games, and a goal setting sheet. After exploring folders, there will be a prompt for participants to share thoughts, questions and experiences in engaging parents.

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classroom leaders
evidence based practices, parent family community engagement