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Implementing MTSS in Secondary Schools: Challenges and Strategies

Implementing MTSS in middle and high school settings presents specific challenges due to the unique contexts of secondary schools. The main elements of MTSS may remain the same across grade levels, but they cannot just be transplanted from elementary to secondary. This session will provide participants with ideas and practical strategies for implementing MTSS in secondary schools, as well as real-life inspiration from secondary schools that have seen success.

This talk was presented at:
2023 National ESEA Conference
February 2023 in Indianapolis, IN
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Samantha Durrance

Samantha started her teaching career as an 8th-grade math remediation teacher, working with many students who needed extra support. She then served as a Student Support Team Coordinator and spent years building her knowledge of the research on early literacy instruction and intervention. Most recently she has worked on several RC6 projects that provide technical support to Georgia and South Carolina on topics that include MTSS.

Bridget Johnson

Bridget has served as a building and district-level administrator charged with implementing MTSS. Through these roles, Bridget has gained a wealth of knowledge surrounding effective MTSS implementation. In her role with the Region 6 Comprehensive Center, she has been working on an MTSS implementation project with the South Carolina Department of Education.