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Keynote: Becoming Better Grownups: Rediscovering What Matters and Remembering How to Fly

This keynote presentation will be based on Brad's book titled Becoming Better Grownups: Rediscovering What Matters and Remembering How to Fly – an inspiring and joyful read that weaves together lessons of success, fear, regret, gratitude, love, happiness and dreams to revel the true reason we are here: to fly, and to help others fly. Beautifully designed and featuring Montague’s own illustrations that appeal to the kid in all of us, Becoming Better Grownups shares the purpose and meaning we can all discover merely by listening, and reveals that–in a world that seems increasingly childish–the secret to joy is in fact to become more childlike.


This talk was presented at:
2024 National ESEA Conference
February 2024 in Portland, OR
Brad Montague

Brad Montague is a New York Times bestselling author of books for kids and former kids. He is creator of the web series Kid President, The Circles All Around Us, and, most recently, The Fantastic Bureau of Imagination. Brad lives in Tennessee with his wife and kids. He can currently be seen as the host of the television special The Kindness Project on The Magnolia Network and Discovery Plus.

As a storyteller, his inspiring stories, and imaginative resources, are used in classrooms around the world daily. As creator of the award-winning hit series Kid President, Montague wrote, directed, edited, and led the project to collaborations with the White House, the United Nations, Beyoncé, and more. As an author and illustrator, Montague’s books have captured hearts and imaginations around the world. As a creative consultant, Montague works regularly with companies to elevate their abilities to tell stories, impact culture, and inspire change. As a speaker, he connects deeply and uniquely with every audience on whatever stage he finds. Montague speaks regularly to companies, creatives, schools, and beyond.

He and his wife, Kristi Montague, work together at their studio, Montague Workshop, in Henderson, Tennessee. The mission is to nourish compassion and creativity in the lives of kids and former kids. His books Becoming Better Grownups, The Circles All Around Us, and The Fantastic Bureau of Imagination are all invitations into living a life of wonder and love. Releasing in Fall 2024 from Penguin Random House will be the newest picture book, a new world of characters and fun for kids of all ages to discover.