Group Registration FAQ

We are excited to offer a discounted Group Registration option for groups of ten or more. Not only is it more affordable, but it makes it much easier for a school or district administrator to purchase registrations for multiple people and only submit one payment. Group registration packages may include a mix of in-person and virtual registrations.

No, it is available to anyone.

This offer is only available for groups of ten or more.

No problem! Once you sign up at least ten people, you will see options for “Additional Attendees with Group Registration.” Select the combination of options that results in the total number of registrations you would like to add. For example, if you wanted to add three more registrations beyond the ten included with the group package, select the "One (1) Additional Attendee" and "Two (2) Additional Attendees" options for a total of three. Group registrations are not available for purchase after November 30, 2024.

No. All you need to do is select the number of registrations you want to buy, and pay for them. You will then be assigned a coupon code, and it will be up to you to send the coupon code out to the people you want to register. See question below.

Once payment is processed, an email containing the unique coupon code for your group will be emailed to the purchaser. This code can then be shared with anyone that you intend to send to the Conference as part of this group purchase, up to the number of registrations purchased. Be aware that anyone with the code can use it to register for the Conference.

When you receive the coupon code, you will return to your Dashboard and select an individual registration option. At checkout you will see the option to "Apply a Coupon"; enter your coupon code, and complete the process.

Yes, the group coupon code is not a registration. Each person attending the Conference is required to create a user account (or log in to their existing account) in order to register. After filling out all the pertinent information, and selecting one of the registration options, they will enter the coupon code at checkout. Once registered, they will receive all updates and email communications pertaining to the Conference. It's important for each individual to activate their registration as soon as possible. All group registrations must be activated by January 29, 2025.