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Phonic Books is a small specialist publisher of decodable books and resources with a unique range for older, struggling readers. Our books are reccomended on the Reading League website, and for the first time, we will exhibit them at the ESEA conference. Educators across the US are beginning to use our books with their struggling readers with great success.

What is special about our books? Our books are high-interest decodable books. They offer the phonics scaffolding that struggling readers need, which is embedded in decodable stories older students want to read.

Research has shown that decodable texts play an important part in developing beginner reading skills and are featured in all explicit, systematic and synthetic phonics programs. They offer reading practice of the phonics students have been taught, at each level, within a controlled text. As a result, students develop a strategy of sounding out new words they encounter and are discouraged from guessing.

Many older, beginner readers have experienced reading failure and as a result, low self-esteem. They are often unwilling to engage in texts that are not age-appropriate. Designed by dyslexia-trained reading specialists, our books combine the stair-step phonics with exciting stories and illustrations. They motivate disaffected students to re-engage with reading.
The workbooks which complement the reading books are linked to the series and provide context for a wide range of reading activities. These include the five elements of reading: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension.
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