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At Iversen Publishing we consider it a privilege to produce products, resources, and
crafted literacy solutions that support the dedicated work of teachers and educators
all across America.
While our resources are excellent for literacy development across the curriculum, our
passion and expertise lies in publishing language and literacy resources for underperforming
students and for students whose first language is not English.
The growing diversity of our school populations culturally and linguistically demands high
quality approaches and resources to assist these students to succeed.
At Iversen Publishing we continue to dedicate an enormous amount of resource to researching and developing solutions designed specifically to engage, motivate, and support striving readers, striving writers, and English Language Learners with their written, oral, and visual literacy learning.
Resources are researched both internationally and domestically, developed, and tested from the ground up, and modified in response to the suggestions and needs of real teachers, dealing with real students, in real classrooms.
Please take some time to visit our web site.. You will find products for all levels of your school and ideas, resources, and solutions for even the most reluctant readers.
Our products include -

Quick60 -The Quick60 is a prevention / intervention program designed to bring groups of up to five struggling students to grade-level in reading and spelling in 60 quick lessons or fewer. Quick60 is a fast and easy-to-administer program.
The resources are tightly leveled and are prefect for classroom or pull-out programs.

Rev Up Reading - Rev Up Reading provides specific instructional kits for teaching Comprehension, Vocabulary, and Fluency, using high-interest, low-readability cards. Short, exciting stories are followed by questions for the students to answer on vocabulary, comprehension, writing and further research. The four-page cards provide much needed fluency practice for students acquiring English and motivation for struggling readers. There are 15 factual and 15 fiction cards in each Set.

Talk About - Talk About is a series of factual books designed to provide models of Everyday English Language for students who are learning English or who have limited English language regardless of their age or Year. Talk About introduces your students to the structure, patterns and vocabulary of Everyday English Language through talking, reading, and writing.

As always we welcome suggestions for the further development of our existing products, as well as ideas for new products that could assist striving and at risk readers, writers, and speakers in your districts and classrooms.
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