Career Ready Education
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Most school districts establish respectable and beneficial programs that assist with student learning, but it’s rare there is a vast focus on managing the classroom with career-ready skills. We have researched ways to improve classroom management and institute a higher level of learning with specific career-ready strategies. We’ve come to the conclusion that there is a gap with career- ready education and opportunities that exist where we can apply these skills at an early age, thus strengthening future career-readiness for our students. By implementing our existing programs, it will open up new opportunities for a student-based curriculum and build a stronger foundation.

We all know there is a tremendous need for career-ready education within the classroom. In the past 10 years working in the Red Clay Consolidated School District, I have witnessed teachers not fully understanding how to prepare our students for a career-ready future and it seems as though teachers still struggle integrating the most effective way to accomplish that. I understand they do not have experience within the business world, so it’s difficult for them to apply it within their classrooms.

This high-level Career Ready Education Foundation strategy was developed to enhance all classrooms by integrating career-readiness education, while simulating a real-world experience that is student-centered. In addition, the GUIDE provides strategies that assist in limiting behavioral issues due to the students feeling a sense of purpose within the classroom.

In recent years face-to-face communication skills have diminished even in younger students due to electronic devices. They often don’t know how to converse appropriately during basic conversations. It is Career Ready Education Foundation’s goal to leave students with a conversational skill set that will ingratiate them with their future employers and have an overall positive impact for the rest of their lives.
The Career Ready Education Foundation’s background includes 29 years of business and education experience for students and adults. The Career Ready Education Foundation identified the need to create workshops/seminars that were going to be instrumental and impactful, but simple enough for teachers to prepare their students for a career-ready future.

The below curriculum guides will resolve all the gaps in career ready education for students:

Managing the Classroom 978-0-9989291-0-1 978-0-9989291-1-8 Yes
Teaching Entrepreneurship 978-0-9989291-2-5 978-0-9989291-3-2 Yes
Teaching Business Soft Skills 978-0-9989291-4-9 978-0-9989291-5-6 Yes
Teach Career Exploration 978-0-9989291-6-3 978-0-9989291-7-0 Yes
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