How it Works
Companies create a listing.
Anyone can leave an opinion about a company.
The top rated companies rise to the top.

Finding the right product or service for your ESEA program can be a daunting task. How do you know which ones are good and which aren't? That's what the ESEA Network Services Directory was designed to solve. Think of it as an "Angie's List" specifically for the ESEA Network.

You can search by product or service category, or search for a company by name. More companies are added daily, as they complete their listings. Within each company's listing you'll find information about what they do, how to contact them, helpful videos, links to their company website, and even the booth number of any upcoming National ESEA Conference they'll be participating in.

All website users are encouraged to share opinions about any of the companies that you've worked with. You must be logged into your account to leave an opinion and your name will be shown with your comment. The more ratings that practitioners leave, the more useful the information will be for others. Over time, you'll see the really great companies float to the top of the list and you'll have access to real reviews from your colleagues to help you navigate the tough buying decisions.

The ESEA Network Services Directory lists all companies that have chosen to create an organization account on this website. Inclusion in this directory does not imply endorsement or recommendation by the National Association of ESEA State Program Administrators nor its members.