Strategically Removing Barriers to Success with Three Simple Questions: What? Why? and How?

Thursday February 8, 2024
2:00 - 3:30 PM

Do you have students who are failing to scratch the surface of their potential? Do they sometimes seem hopeless, disengaged, or unmotivated? And, as a result, do you (or your colleagues) struggle to maintain the critical positive mindset? Limited access to key resources can create barriers to learning, but the good news is that using the science of learning to answer three simple questions can provide the direction we need to maintain success-focused high expectations. Explore "WHAT" educational practices matter most in order to maximize limited teacher resources are well-spent on high-yield strategies. Take away the neuroscience-grounded "WHY" that empowers us to stay on course, even when the going gets tough. Learn "HOW" to implement barrier-busting strategies with every learner. Leave this session with goal-directed and high-yield moves, each designed to remove barriers, de-escalate challenges, and elevate engagement that leads to school and life success. Don't miss this session!

In-person Workshop
classroom leaders
, neuroscience