Addressing the Social, Emotional, Learning and Mental Health Needs of Students and School Staff

Thursday February 2, 2023
2:15 - 3:15 PM
500 Ballroom

Effectively addressing social emotional and mental health needs of students and school staff was a crisis prior to the pandemic. Now that we have fully returned to in-person learning, schools and programs need to be prepared to better address these needs, which for many is more significant based on exposure to trauma and social isolation during the Covid 19 pandemic.  This session will share information from ED resources and highlight additional federal technical assistance resources that can be used to enhance and support State, district, and school efforts. We will also focus on how school staff can pull together to build positive relationships to have a nurturing and strong school community. Examples of effective practices from diverse school districts highlighted in the US Department of Education’s Return to School Roadmap will be shared.

In-Person Lecture
Social Emotional Learning, multi tiered systems of support, sped