Build Equity. Join Justice: A Paradigm for School Belonging

Friday February 3, 2023
2:15 - 3:45 PM
Virtual Workshop Room 3

Build Equity. Join Justice: A Paradigm for School Belonging authors speak on ending predictable, unacceptable school outcomes among marginalized students. They will showcase Title I schools engaging in system redesigns that shift power dynamics to establish students’ rightful presence in school, and foster cultures of true belonging that elevate voices of disenfranchised youth. These schools are building ecosystems that value students' intersectional identities (ability, race, economics); aim to tell the whole story of collective and individual narratives; work to meet essential human needs of students and ensure their safety, security, and freedom. They are intentional about teacher-student connectedness and use diverse knowledge systems along with research-informed practices appropriate to their unique school environments and student populations. Educational leaders will learn about these concepts and be motivated to engage in actions in their local educational communities.

Virtual Workshop
building leaders
diversity, equity, inclusion