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Education for English Learners with Limited, Interrupted, or No Education at ALL

Founded on a research study regarding underschooled English Learners in secondary school, this presentation will bring to light the reality we face in schools today. In recent years, secondary schools in the United States are seeing a surge of Latin American English Learners with limited, interrupted, or no education at all. Our school districts' current educational policies do not offer a path to prepare these students for the workforce. State leaders, district administrators, and classroom teachers need to be aware of this trend to provide educational services that meet the specific needs of these students. These students are the future of our nation.

This talk was presented at:
2023 National ESEA Conference
February 2023 in Indianapolis, IN
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Debbie Blackeldge

As an English Learner specialist, Debbie Blackledge has passionately worked with English Learners for 20 years in the Jones County School District in Mississippi. In addition to working in Jones County, her experience includes teaching English Learners in Thailand, China, and Africa. She has traveled to twenty-four foreign countries, which have provided her with a solid multicultural background. She has presented at various educational conferences, providing stakeholders with insightful knowledge about educating English Learners. Debbie's educational background includes earning a master's degree in TESOL at the University of Southern Mississippi, and she has attained a specialist and doctorate in Educational Leadership from Liberty University.