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Free Books Available from Marine Toys for Tots Literacy Program
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We are excited to share with you the below opportunity for Title I-funded schools in your state.


What is the Marine Toys for Tots (TFT) Foundation—UPS Store, Inc. Literacy Program?


NAESPA is assisting in a joint venture between the Marine Toys for Tots (TFT) Foundation and the UPS Store, Inc. As a part of their literacy program, they will distribute 500,000 free books to Title I schools. 


These books can be distributed directly to students or used in school libraries and classrooms.  Last year, 2021, was the first year expanding the Program, and it was a very successful endeavor. TFT received and supported over 900 book requests for schools all over the U.S. They were able to deliver over 500,000 books to schools for teachers to use in their classrooms and directly to children!


It is our great honor to support their work and bring books into the hands of schools and students in most need.


What do I need to do?


NAESPA agreed to distribute the TFT information to the SEAs via its members. Please use whatever channels you have to distribute the TFT information to school districts in your states by sharing this letter with your LEAs: TFT Literacy Program Title I School Support. If school districts are interested, they complete an online Title I School Book Request Form and submit it directly to TFT. 


Thank you for your help in spreading the word about this wonderful opportunity.




Erin Hanley
Chief Executive Officer
National Association of ESEA State Program Administrators (NAESPA)
800-256-6452 ext. 2085

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