2015 Conference Planning Committee Discussions
Keynote Option: Ramsey Musallam - innovative ideas for teachers and students

Ramsey Musallam is a chemistry teacher at Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep School in San Francisco.  His mission is "to meaningfully integrate multimedia into a hands-on, inquiry-based learning cycle" and to empower other educators to do the same.  Musallam is a vocal adocate for tools like flipteaching, tabcasting, video podcasting and screencasting in the classroom.  But, he insists that the use of technology isn't enough:  "Flipping a boring lecture from the classroom to the screen of a mobile device is the same dehumanizing chatter, just wrapped up in fancy clothing."

In addition to his teaching duties, Musallam runs the Cycles of Learning blog and is host of the internet TV series, the Infinite Thinking Machine.

See Ramsey Musallam in action:  VIDEO


  • Otistene Smith

    Public School Program Coordinator, Arkansas Department of Education

    He gives a good reminder about making sur ehtere is still interaction and engaging the students. allowing them to ask questions.

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