2015 Conference Planning Committee Discussions
Keynote Option: Eric Davis - family engagement

Description from a Member of the Virginia Board of Education:

Eric Davis is a motivating, dynamic, and exciting presenter guaranteed to inspire and excite your attendees.  He has been the keynote at several state conferences, including:  Texas Title I Statewide Conference, Virginia Associaiton of Elementary School Principals, Mid-Atlantic Family Engagement Summit, Maryland Adminsitrators Conference.  And, he will be keynoting at the upcoming Virginia Association of Federal Program Administrators Conference.

Davis has experience as a teacher, Title I principal, Director of School Performance, Director of Family Engagement of Montgomery County Schools (MD), and is currently the Assistant Superintendent of Wilson County Schools (NC).  As a national education presenter and practitioner, he has authored several books for adminsitrators focusing on building collaborative partnerships between the family and school.

Watch Eric Davis in action:  VIDEO


  • Otistene Smith

    Public School Program Coordinator, Arkansas Department of Education

    Could not hear him dur to th emusic.

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