Chan Bohacheff

Channie's LLC

My son, Alex, struggled with his handwriting for years and I was at a loss of how I could help or what I could do. It was really taking a toll on his self-confidence and delayed his learning abilities and I too felt frustrated not knowing how to help. I searched for something different but they were all the similar writing sheet product that did not help my son. He needed a visual guide. So, I created something to help him myself…Channie’s was born! I saw changes in him within just a few short months. Not only did his handwriting dramatically change, his attitude toward writing changed significantly. Now he is proud of his neat handwriting! Channie's unique approach to handwriting eliminates struggles, is easy to teach, and quick to learn! Channie's are the only workbooks that incorporate colored blocks and vertical divider lines to regulate proper letter and number placement. Our brightly colored design creates an easy and fun experience instead of something kids dread.