Tribal Leadership Blazes a Trail for Cultural Diversity in Partnership with Local District.

Saturday February 10, 2018
1:30 - 3:00 PM
Room 126

Cultural diversity and school improvement need strong community partnerships so students can freely learn and enjoy freedom. This presentation will highlight leadership efforts over the past five years of one Native American tribe and one local district addressing their cultural divide between public schools and Native children. They focused on data to address cultural diversity by using the School Community Index which is the compilation of data gathered from the school expressed in chart, graph, and narrative forms. The web based tool assessed 65 points relative to relationships between the constituencies within the school community and identified areas of strength as well as areas needing attention. This data allowed them to analyze and draw conclusions about relationships within the school community and deploy strategies to make improvements where needed. The School Community Index revealed the school climate and the perceptions of the people most intimately connected to it.

classroom leaders
cultural diversity, effective leaders