A Proven Way to Improve Your School Climate and Significantly Improve Academic Achievement

Sunday February 11, 2018
9:00 - 10:00 AM
Room 118

Creating and sustaining a school climate with clearly defined rules and consequences coupled with recognition for positive behaviors leads to: increased student positive behavior, increased social connections between students, staff, and parents, improved staff morale, and increased academic achievement. Implementing specific strategies helps schools shift from a reactive approach to managing problem behavior to one that is preventive and positive. Participants will gain valuable real world applications for how to successfully implement this highly positive and impactful program within a large, urban, low socio-economic high school. By gaining the application skills and information attendees will be able to replicate these strategies at their school sites. Thus, assisting in narrowing the achievement gap through improved academic performance, graduation rate, decrease in the number of students dropping out and a decrease in student discipline issues.

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school climate & culture, title I success stories