October 2010
Oct 30
Oct 30, 2010

Scotland's Education Secretary Michael Russell has pledged to break the link between poverty and poor literacy. He said he wanted to reduce the number of people who have difficulty with reading and writing and drive up literacy levels to pr...

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Oct 28
Oct 28, 2010
ED Releases Funds to SEAs to Form State Literacy Leadership Teams

The Striving Readers Comprehensive Literacy (SRCL) program was authorized and funded as part of the FY 2010 Consolidated Appropriations Act to support the development of a c...

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Oct 25
Oct 25, 2010

The United States Department of Education is undergoing a reorganization.  Many of the key Duncan programs are being brought into the Secretary's office - this will include, but not limited to, Race to the Top and other stimulus funded prog...

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Oct 20
Oct 20, 2010

Section III.A.4 of the final requirements for the School Improvement Grants (SIG) requires a State educational agency (SEA) to report school-level baseline data from the school year prior to SIG implementation. For Tier I and Tier II school...

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Oct 05
Oct 05, 2010
On October 4th in the Federal Register on page 61137, the Institute for Education Sciences announced that they were going to do a study on how schools are adapting to help students with disabilities, especially in schools that have failed t...
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Oct 04
Oct 04, 2010

The US Department of Education has announce the following on the Striving Readers Comprehensive Literacy Program:

The information can be found at:



Applicant Information

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