June 2012
Jun 29
Jun 29, 2012

This is from a USED Press Release - June 29th

Dear Colleagues:

Below please find today’s press release announcing five additional states now approved for flexibility under ESEA, including: Arkansas, Missouri, South Dakota, Utah, and Virg...

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Jun 19, 2012

Attached is the funding chart from the Committee for Education Funding reflecting FY 13 appropriations as passed by the Senate Appropriations Committee on June 14th.

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Jun 13
Jun 13, 2012

The Senate Appropriations Subcommittee for the Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, Education has released their numbers for the mark-up of the FY 13 appropriations. Title I Part A is targeted to get a $100 million increase. O...

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Jun 06
Jun 06, 2012

USED published this today, June 6, 2012


 The Comprehensive Centers Program (CFDA No. 84.283B) Notice of Final Priorities, Requirements, and Selection Criteria and Notice Inviting Applications were published today, June 6,...

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