"Your Kids" to "Our Kids" - One District's Journey to Adopting a Schoolwide Delivery Model

Friday February 9, 2024
9:30 - 11:00 AM

Well-intentioned school leaders often struggle to realize the meaningful transformations they desire and unwittingly contribute to perpetuating ineffective practices. The systems-thinking framework on which this session is based helps leaders break the cycle to produce sustainable change in complex systems. This interactive session illustrates how schools can “Create the Possibilities” through an exploration of how one suburban school district leveraged a systems-thinking approach to transition three Title One targeted schools to a schoolwide model. They will explain how they overlapped system-thinking with the comprehensive needs mandated by their Department of Education to thoughtfully shift program goals, resource allocation, and staff norms. Participants will engage with one another and presenters to understand how to use a needs assessment to create goals. The presentation will highlight how stakeholders moved from a “your kids” model to an “our kids” paradigm.

In-person Workshop
classroom leaders
program implementation evaluation