Managing the Micro-Stressors: An Educator's Guide to Regaining Passion and Power

Friday February 9, 2024
9:45 - 10:45 AM
Portland Ballroom

The more you dare, the worse you fare. Sadly, the better you are in Title I teaching, the more likely you are to burn out and crash. Surprisingly, the most dangerous kinds of stress that trigger burnout aren't bigger. Micro-stressors are your real enemy. The most creative, high-performing professionals in every field - including education - report that chronic, small, incessant stressors seem to be what take us down. Join seven time ESEA speaker, Dr. Linda for 1) A review of the current research on how micro-stressors and indeed the resulting inflammation and elevated cortisol and adrenaline levels impact teachers’ brains; 2) A personalized 10-item assessment to measure current micro-stress levels; and 3) A toolbox of strategies to restore balance and wellness. In the midst of the largest teacher shortage in the past century, we must provide real answers for teachers who are struggling in the profession or considering an exit because micro-stressors are stealing passion and possibility.

In-person Lecture
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