Unleashing Your Inner Superhero

Thursday February 2, 2023
12:45 - 2:15 PM
Room 201-204

Identifying a problem and devising a solution is a vital skill in a participatory democracy. Capitalizing on youth’s concerns about the environment, Action Citizen works to develop the civic skills needed to make a difference—releasing an inner superhero. Employing game-based learning and digital analysis of primary sources, this free interactive introduces citizens who have made a difference and lead students to identify their own passions. We will play through one AC topic, clean water, analyzing a key primary source and the actions of citizen superheroes. For example, Dr. Hanna-Attisha and the worried mothers who exposed Flint’s contaminated water. Beyond building critical thinking skills and learning about environmental legislation, we will focus on how classes can identify a project topic and develop an action plan for inside or outside the classroom. Teachers will leave with specific steps for moving from inquiry to action. Easily adapts for inclusion of all learners.

In-Person Promo Workshop
classroom leaders
diversity, equity, inclusion