CANCELLED: Lift Up Student Leaders to be Changemakers Now

Saturday February 4, 2023
10:00 - 11:30 AM
Virtual Workshop Room 1

More than ever, students need to have purpose, connection, and to have their voices lifted up. One amazing way schools can do this is by creating leadership teams that focus on service learning. These teams learn about leadership while also choosing a topic or issue they want to solve or address in their school, local community, even world. They create goals and work toward these goals, reflecting along the way. They apply so many academic skills while developing important social-emotional skills. Students also lift up the whole school culture by creating projects that involve the whole school. Come and hear stories about how 6th-grade students developed and led a whole Math Market to give to a local nearby YWCA shelter, how 7th graders read a book in their ELA class and then wanted to help build a well for the people of South Sudan, and how 8th graders combated racism and created Gender Sexual Alliances (GSA's) in their school to lift up and support LGBTQ+ students.

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