District Structures to Maximize, Manage, and Evaluate ESSER Funds in Service of Students

Friday February 3, 2023
8:00 - 9:00 AM
Room 107-110

Metro Nashville Public Schools created processes and procedures for managing ESSER grants, reporting and evaluating efficacy, and allocating these funds to schools in an equitable manner with emphasis on students in Title I schools. Leadership was strategic in ensuring the equitable allocation of these one-time relief dollars and coordinating them with other federal programs, such as Titles I and III. This session will focus on the structures created by the district staff to manage, maximize, and evaluate district and school-level ESSER funds in the midst of changing needs and requirements. The session will highlight measures created to evaluate the efficacy of the district’s most critical ESSER-funded initiatives, specifically those focused on lifting up opportunities for economically disadvantaged students, such as extended learning in summer and high dosage tutoring throughout the school year. Presenters will share examples as well as lessons learned and promising practices.

In-Person Lecture
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