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Using Effective Communication to Bring Families into the Learning Process

The pandemic has lifted up the importance of bringing families into the learning process. It’s not just nice, it’s absolutely necessary. But before we can engage families, we need to communicate with them in ways that are effective and ways that build relationships. Sometimes the language we use to explain school practices and goals to families is complicated and full of educational jargon and acronyms. Families can find the words and authoritative tone we use off-putting, confusing, and alienating. And, they can feel overwhelmed with the amount of information we provide. This can cause them to tune us out and disengage. This interactive workshop will help you improve your home/school communications and provide you with practical tips, tools and techniques you can use immediately to improve your communication practices and build meaningful relationships with families.

This talk was presented at:
2022 National ESEA Conference
February 2022 in New Orleans, LA
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Patricia Weinzapfel

Patricia Weinzapfel is a former broadcast journalist who spent ten years in education administration leading family engagement initiatives. Patricia wrote a book that combines her two careers. It uses the principles of broadcast journalism to coach educators in their communication practices with families. Patricia currently works helping districts and schools across the nation improve their communication practices and family engagement.