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Using ABCs to Strengthen 123s: How Literacy Strategies Support Mathematical Learning

During this session the participants will be exposed to the parallels between numeracy and literacy. Learn, share and discuss how literacy strategies can be used to support and strengthen instructional approaches in facilitating mathematical learning. Additionally, the participants will familiarize themselves with different ways to use various Title funding as a resource for acquiring allowable mathematics professional development activities.

This talk was presented at:
2021 National ESEA Conference
February 2021 in Cyberspace
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Kathryn Nichol

Prior to coming to the New Hampshire Department of Education as the NH State's Title II Consultant, Kathryn "Joey" Nichol was a primary grade teacher and principal. During this time, Ms. Nichol implemented, taught, and supported Mathematics Their Way, a concrete and visual mathematics program. Her classroom and administrative experiences give Kathryn an authentic perspective as to the types of professional development teachers need as they strive to ensure success of all students.

Anne Wallace

Anne Wallace, the NH DOE Education Consultant in Mathematics, has taught mathematics at all levels for over 16 years, primarily in grades 5-8. She carries a New Hampshire endorsement as an Elementary Mathematics Specialist. Mrs. Wallace has been teaching Secondary Math Methods in the Teacher Education Conversion Program at New Hampshire Technical Institute for the past thirteen years. She also serves on the NH Teachers of Mathematics board where she has held varying leadership roles including president.