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TWRLS of Engagement: A Framework for Academic and Social-Emotional Learning

Effective learning occurs when content is experienced both academically and social-emotionally. The brain thrives on engagement using both sides of the brain to attain and critically access new learning, especially for disadvantaged children. To strengthen and build empathy, schools are moving toward focusing on social, emotional and academic patterns in learning. TWRLS of engagement is an acronym for Thinking, Writing, Reading, Listening and Speaking. TWRLS is used by administrators and teachers to systematically integrate social-emotional strategies and academic learning strategies simultaneously. It is a tool for monitoring, planning and developing habits of learning that empower students to access rigorous and complex content. This presentation is aligned to the Instruction category and serves to address Differentiation, English Learners and Cultural Diversity. TWRLS is a simple approach to a complex issue that benefits all learners.

This talk was presented at:
2021 National ESEA Conference
February 2021 in Cyberspace
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Jill Crossley

Mrs. Crossley has 27 years of education experience with Osborn School District, serving her community as a special education instructional assistant, a middle grades teacher, an instructional coach, a curriculum specialist, and an assessment coordinator. She holds an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education from Arizona State University and a Masters in Educational Psychology from Northern Arizona University.

Nicole Teyechea McNeil

Nicole Teyechea McNeil, PhD has taught preschool to 12th grades as a bilingual teacher, ESL/SEI teacher, gifted teacher, literacy specialist, instructional strategist and also served as a district curriculum director. She has consulted nationally for Pearson/Savvas and Bureau of Education and Research (BER), served as a professor at Arizona State University and Grand Canyon University and is most proud of her two, bilingual children.