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Supporting Students in Mathematics with Powerful Visual Models and Thinking Strategies

All students can learn multiplication and division strategies to tackle a variety of computation situations. These strategies assist them in being flexible, accurate, and efficient during their thinking process. In addition to thinking strategies, powerful visual models support students in developing the conceptual understanding of the operations. This session blends the thinking strategies, powerful print and digital visual models, applications to interactive games, and language to support students in mathematics. Blending the strategies and models together supports students in developing a broader, deeper, and conceptual understanding to improve student achievement. All classroom and special education teachers, along with instructional coaches and principals will leave with resources to support classroom instruction.

This talk was presented at:
2022 National ESEA Conference
February 2022 in New Orleans, LA
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Rob Nickerson

Rob Nickerson has dedicated the past 31 years to elementary - mathematics education. He served 20 years in Jeffco Schools (Colorado) as a classroom teacher, instructional coach, and district mathematics content specialist. For the past 11 years, he works with ORIGO Education supporting teachers and students. He and his colleagues design professional learning around current topics and trends in education to support the classroom teacher. These sessions are focused on content as well as instructional strategies. While Rob's passion is focused on developing teacher capacity in mathematics instruction, his love for the classroom is evident. Rob is in classrooms, on a regular basis, with students to stay current with today's approaches. "The only way I know if an instructional approach or strategy works is to use it with students in the classroom!" His sessions blend content, instructional strategies, and practical ideas for every participant.