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Shape the Future for Your Students - Teaching About the 2020 Census
Presenters: Heidi Crawford
This presentation will highlight how educators can use the U.S. Census Bureau’s Statistics in Schools (SIS) program to teach about the upcoming 2020 Census. The decennial census happens once every
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For the Greater Good: Collaboration as a Tool to Improve Language and Literacy
Presenters: Cynthia Coupe

We know that teachers teach literacy, and we know that Speech Language Pathologists (SLP's) are experts in language, yet the two often work in isolation of one another, even-though the skills of

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Continuing to Create Compassionate Classes for all Kids Through Restorative Practices
Presenters: Zachary Robbins Regina James Gerald Robinson

Suspension and expulsions are poor solutions to improve school climate and culture, as out of school behavioral consequences leave students who need the most support out of school, disconnected

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Improving Data Literacy Through Focused Team Meetings
Presenters: Stacy Thompson Matthew Burns

With the goal of improving reading outcomes for all elementary students, we focus on data-driven decision making to select appropriate reading interventions. Participants will learn a systematic

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Literacy Essentials: Engagement, Effectiveness and Equity for All English Learners
Presenters: Marisa Russo

Be inspired and informed with a special presentation, by Marisa Russo, a nationally recognized presenter and literacy consultant specializing in ELD and differentiated instruction. In this fun and

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Providing English Learners and Other Students Deep and Generative Opportunities to Learn
Presenters: Aida Walqui

Educators oftentimes wonder how they can serve with excellence heterogeneous classes. Sometimes their response is to “differentiate” by providing some students with less challenging work. This

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Using Data to Proactively Identify and Improve Supports to At-Risk Students
Presenters: Corey Chatis Diane Yoshimura Carla Howe Monica Young

Participants will be provided (fictitious) data from a longitudinal early warning system and led through a guided small-group activity to analyze the data and develop action plans to provide

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Visually Dramatic: Social and Emotional Literacy through Arts Integration
Presenters: Kim Baran

Visual art and drama provide comfortable, easy on ramps for students—and educators who may shy away from using the arts. When even the most hesitant teachers dip their toe in the arts, they too

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Who Should, Who Can, and Who Will Succeed in Our Schools?: A Conversation About Equity
Presenters: Keith Hickman Amy McCart Cokethea Hill

Join a public conversation about what equity in schools means and how education leaders can mobilize others towards that goal. Discuss how each and every child—especially those who are

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Creating Strengths-Based Cultures of Learning and Growth
Presenters: Joanna Michelson Stacy Thomas

This session will use a case example to explore a set of specific leadership practices that foster a strengths-based culture of instructional improvement among teachers and a strengths-based

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Equity and Access Through Powerful Data Systems
Presenters: Christine Kelly Taj Jensen

ALL students can achieve at high levels. This belief is held and realized by our Title I Distinguished School presentation team. Through role and interest small group breakouts, our team of

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Advancing Equity: A Closer Look at Language, Labels and Belief Systems
Presenters: Monica Handyside Sheila Jackson, Ed.D.

Over six decades after the Brown v. Board of Education U.S. Supreme Court decision, the issue of providing equitable education continues to be relevant. In 2018, the U.S. Commission on Civil

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Equitable PD Solutions for a BIG State
Presenters: Christy Mock-Stutz Carli Cockrell Colet Bartow

The session will begin with an overview of objectives and the Teacher Learning Hub, the model around which the session is based. The first section will share the successful collaboration stories

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Applying and Extending STEM Language for English Learners
Presenters: Effie Triol Vickei Hrdina

How can I support multilingual students with acquisition and application of STEM language and vocabulary? How can I support English Language Learners in engaging in classroom discourse in STEM

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Trauma and the Brain: Moving Students from Surviving to Thriving
Presenters: Linda Bone

“Trauma Informed Teaching: Moving Students from Surviving to Thriving” is designed to extend participants’ understanding of the impact of trauma and poverty on the brain and on pupil

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Creating a Climate of Care Through Relationships to Overcome Trauma in Urban Schools
Presenters: Robin Waldorf Sabrina Jones

This session will describe the successful transformation of a struggling Drop-Out Recovery High School to a school of choice for parents through building relationships. In this session, we will

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The Rights of Immigrant Students and English Learners in the Public Schools
Presenters: Roger Rosenthal

Immigrant children and English Learners often face barriers in gaining entry to public schools and participating in school activities. This session will discuss what public schools can and cannot

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Collaborative Resources for English Learner Success
Presenters: Regina Lukich Jill Kramer Janet Gillig Dr. Darlene Chambers

This innovative collaborative promotes equitable access to ensure English Learners are provided high quality differentiated instructional practice. As an educational service center in Central Ohio

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Empowered by What You See: Transforming Teachers with Video-Reflective Practices
Presenters: Kasey Clements-Hutchinson Adam Phyall

Administrators and coaches consistently look for innovative ways to enhance professional learning for teachers. Did you know that it only takes a few minutes of video footage to capture a wealth

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Using a Multi-Tiered System of Supports to Maximize the Elementary School Day
Presenters: Deborea Montgomery Kelly Santoni

This session will explore a unique multi-tiered systems of support for maximizing the instructional day while increasing access for all students to customized instructional supports that fosters