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If You Support Them, They Will Grow: A Youth Centered Approach to Leveraging Resources
Presenters: Michael "Bull" Brown Carol Lewis Jillian Luchner Kim Miller
In this presentation, learn how putting student equity at the center of conversations can help blend and braid federal funding streams to support more holistic wraparound supports, including
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US Department of Education: Office of Elementary and Secondary Education Funded Technical Assistance: What You Should Know!
Presenters: David Cantrell, PhD Christine Pilgrim Hamed Negron-Perez Dean Nafziger, PhD Bronwyn Roberts Danielle Smith
This session will spotlight a variety of technical activities funded by the U.S. Department of Education that may be accessed by states, school districts, and educators. The session will include
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Connection Before Expectation: Advanced Contemporary Education Using Trauma Informed Lens
Presenters: Rose Bowcut Mike James, Sr. Mark Tuggle Rebecca Taylor

Okmulgee ACE High School is a personalized, blended-learning environment: not only where students are able to dynamically customize their schedule and education, but also where students are

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Mental Wellness for the Whole Child, Whole School, and Whole District
Presenters: Lauren Geraghty Colleen Bohrmann

NEISD serves a broad spectrum of students and families, from refugees to high-income families, from students with intellectual disabilities to those considered intellectually advanced. With such a

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Family Engagement with an Equity Lens: Continuous Improvement Resources and Practices
Presenters: Margit Birge Lidia Renteria Marcelino "Mars" Serna Marissa Lazo-Necco

We invite participants to attend this hands-on session to learn about two free resources that can help leverage family engagement to improve student outcomes at the school and district level: The

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Is Your School System Family-Friendly?
Presenters: Amy Song Amy Chang Kristy Howard

Welcoming all families and the community is one of the six structures of Georgia’s Family and Community Engagement System, but what practical strategies can schools anywhere in the country and

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Addressing Equity Through Effective Data Analysis for School Improvement Planning
Presenters: Gail Clark Dickson Tricia Crafton Paula Harris

This session focuses on decision-driven data collection and analysis related to school improvement planning including, completing a needs assessment, a root cause analysis, and a school

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Federal Update: The Washington, DC Landscape
Presenters: Julia Martin

Puzzled by the federal appropriations process? Trying to plan and budget for federal programs? Looking to see what the future of policy for requirements like Supplement, not Supplant and Equitable

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Using English Learners' Assessment Results to Improve Academic Achievement
Presenters: Elizabeth Webb

This presentation will engage participants in considering when and how English Learners' scores on standardized content assessments provide meaningful information that can be interpreted and used

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Navigating the Jungle of Observation and Feedback: Putting Bare Necessities Into Action
Presenters: James Payne

Getting ahold of observation and feedback in your building is a BEAST! With so many moving parts and competing priorities… leading a Title I Campus gets WILD. Come discover how to CUT THROUGH

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Advancing Equity Through Effective & Efficient Data Analysis and Implementing Changes
Presenters: Bill Macdonald Aaron Kipp

There is no longer a data shortage. School and district leaders must be able to effectively and efficiently use the data they are collecting to recognize issues and address changes quickly. In

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Creative Experiences Draw Families to Schools
Presenters: Cheri Sterman

The Art of Family Engagement™ is a research based program that increases family engagement and bridges learning at occurs at home and at school. This interactive presentation is grounded in the

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KEYNOTE: “From the Playground to the Boardroom—How to Help Girls Avoid the Leadership Gap”
Presenters: Laura Clydesdale

A talk about the career-based achievement gap negatively impacting women. Although focusing on the gap is important, the surprising discovery is not the gap itself, as it were. Research suggests

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ESSA and English Learners (ELs) - Progress and Pitfalls
Presenters: Roberta Miceli

One of the purposes of the reauthorized ESEA as the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) is flexibility for States especially in regard to their accountability systems. Recognizing that all States

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Increasing Family Engagement in Their Child's Education on Secure Care Settings
Presenters: Simon Gonsoulin Jasmine Akinsipe

During this presentation, the presenter will share recent research and findings by the Vera Institute on the impact that family engagement can have on positive youth outcomes for youth in secure

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Policy Institute: The New ED and New Perspectives on Compliance (Part 2)
Presenters: Julia Martin Bonnie Little Graham

This session will build on the dynamic explored in Part 1 to examine how the new battle lines in Washington, DC impact compliance and monitoring. What is the Department of Education (ED) looking

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Evidence Based Practices 101 - The Basics
Presenters: Denise Cato

ESSA requires that school systems vet the efficacy of programs supported with federal funds. As educational practitioners, researching the strength of interventions on student growth can be

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Collaborating to Prepare and Support Equity-Focused School Leaders
Presenters: Cindy Saxon Penney McRoy Karen Bryant Sheryl Cowart-Moss

School systems across the United States are seeking effective strategies to prepare and develop leaders who have the knowledge, skills and dispositions to facilitate inclusive learning

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Why Don’t ALL Students Have Access to Early College? Urgent & Equitable K-14 Strategies
Presenters: Ignacio Lopez

What is early college, and why do only some students have access? Schools and college systems must work together to expand dual-credit and dual-enrollment options for ALL students. In this session

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Ordinary Districts Getting Extraordinary Results
Presenters: Karin Chenoweth

School districts are "large amoeba that move and have interlocking parts," in the words of the superintendent of a high-performing high-poverty rural district. Such complexity makes district