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KEYNOTE: Moving Beyond Grit & Resilience: Lowering the Achievement Tax on Students without Lowering Achievement
Presenters: Charles Cole, III
From an educator focused on the advancement of youth of color, this talk will spotlight the research Dr. Cole built around the Black Achievement Trauma Tax that high achieving Black males often face.
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KEYNOTE: History, Human Rights, and the Power of One
Presenters: Kenneth B. Morris

Kenneth B. Morris, Jr. is descended from two of the most important names in American history: he is the great-great-great grandson of Frederick Douglass and the great-great grandson of Booker T.

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KEYNOTE: “From the Playground to the Boardroom—How to Help Girls Avoid the Leadership Gap”
Presenters: Laura Clydesdale

A talk about the career-based achievement gap negatively impacting women. Although focusing on the gap is important, the surprising discovery is not the gap itself, as it were. Research suggests

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KEYNOTE: "Equity & Justice...How They Live in Our Education System"
Presenters: Michael Eric Dyson

Through research and personal experience, Michael Eric Dyson explores the past and present relationships of equity and justice and how it continues to shape our educational system. With this

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KEYNOTE: America’s Schools Need Equity
Presenters: Rodney Robinson

Equity. This is what our schools need. We need equity. We need to understand that not every child in America starts at the same place in life and that some need more help to achieve. A

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KEYNOTE: ENGAGE US or ENRAGE US: A Student Shares Proven Engagement Strategies for School and Home
Presenters: Derrick Henry, Jr. Stephanie Pasley Henry

Journey with this mother-son duo as they collaboratively highlight the benefits of culturally responsive student engagement as the primary ingredient in bringing equity to life for all students.