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Reimagining Family Engagement: A Drive-Thru Bilingual Family Literacy & Math Program

One of the keys to ensuring student success in school is through parental involvement. Birney Elementary School and Northwest Exterminating partnered to develop the Literatura program; an innovative bilingual family literacy and math program. The program is designed to help all parents to be active participants in their student’s academics at home. Topics of discussion include program development, design, implementation, community, and teacher buy-in, parent engagement, and Partner In Education support. Birney Elementary School partnered with Northwest Exterminating to reimagine family engagement by creating Literatura, a bilingual family literacy program that was a drive-through format, which provided a bilingual book for every family, grade-level math, ELA, science, and Arts Integration activities, and a fun treat for students while feeding the entire family.

This talk was presented at:
2022 National ESEA Conference
February 2022 in New Orleans, LA
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Greg Green

Greg Green is a Co-Director of the Northwest Exterminating, Inc., Good Deeds Team, with Kristen Milligan. Their team works to provide opportunities to positively impact the communities they serve.

Since 2017, Northwest Exterminating’s Good Deed Team has made bilingual family literacy a priority by first partnering with the Tuscaloosa City School Systems ESOL department and developed a district-wide program that offered a two-part monthly session. That program targeted parents and children from preschool to second grade. Greg has always made sure that the evening sessions served a hot meal for the participants and their families. In 2018, Northwest Exterminating brought the idea to Fair Oaks Elementary to pilot a Bilingual Family Literacy program that included math and literacy. The monthly school-wide program was strategically designed to meet the needs of the school community and provided parents different opportunities to help their children build language, literacy and math skills in Spanish and English. Green spent tireless hours engaging and developing business stakeholders that continually helped to refine the Bilingual Family Literacy Program and the Program Leaders approach. COVID-19 brought new challenges to continuing a literacy program. In 2019, the Good Deed Team and Katie Stieber began collaborating on a drive-through bilingual literacy program, Literatura (Book by Book).


Kristen Milligan

Kristen Milligan is the co-director of the Northwest Exterminating Good Deeds Team. The Good Deeds Team actively looks for ways to make a positive impact within the community by building relationships and serving in various arenas throughout the community. Kristen works throughout the southeastern United States to partner with schools, nonprofits, and other organizations to meet the needs of the community. Kristen has partnered with Katherine Stieber for over five years to design, cultivate and implement bilingual family literacy programs at Title I schools.

Katherine Stieber

Katherine Stieber has spent her entire career in education serving in Title I schools. She has a Master of Arts in Teaching and Curriculum, a Tier 1 Leadership Certification, and endorsements in coaching and ESOL. Katherine is currently an Academic Coach at Birney Elementary School in Marietta, Georgia. She has worked to cultivate relationships with Partners In Education to create successful family engagement programs such as the Literature program.