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Practical and Effective Strategies for Parent and Family Engagement

The purpose of this presentation will be to share effective and practical methods to strengthen parent and family engagement within a school building. Attendees will have the opportunity to take ideas within the session and implement them within their own plans. This would include electronic templates, community resources, and the ability to use all of these items virtually. All of these strategies will inspire creativity and innovation for participants to meet the needs of their own communities. This is not a session that will require the expenditure of additional funds or training. The goal is to provide a hands-on experience that enable the opportunity of direct collaboration with families, students, and community partners.

This talk was presented at:
2021 National ESEA Conference
February 2021 in Cyberspace
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Jill Mathews

Jill Mathews serves as the Statewide Family and Community Engagement Coordinator and State Foster Care Liaison at the Idaho State Department of Education. In this capacity, Jill assists all Title-I schools to effectively implement federal and state requirements to strengthen parent and family engagement practices. It is through this work that she developed, created, and continues to provide one of the most successful annual professional training events for educators in Idaho. As the State Foster Care Liaison, she collaboratively established and implemented statewide processes that continue to be recognized at the national level to ensure educational stability. These practices have been shared with members of Congress to assist other states in their efforts to successfully support students in foster care.

Jill has had the opportunity to provide professional development for school administrators within many diverse organizations which include: The Department of Defense Domestic Dependent Elementary and Secondary Schools, Spring Independent School District, Houston, Texas, and Kuna School District, Kuna, Idaho.  In addition, she has had the privilege of being a classroom teacher, special education teacher, district behavior specialist, and special education assessor. Jill holds the following education credentials: Education Administration Principal Certification, Lamar University, Master of Education in Special Education, Boise State University, Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education, Boise State University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, Boise State University. Presently, she is working on obtaining an Education Administration – Ed.S. and receiving a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership at Idaho State University. Jill’s greatest passion is helping educators discover the seemingly simple things that can have a profound and positive impact on the families and community members that they are entrusted to serve.