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Poverty and Pandemic: Dealing With a Double Threat to Learning and Creativity

ESEA/Title I has always been about under-served populations and the threats of poverty on learning and creativity. In 2021, because of the global impact of COVID-19, millions of kids' brains are under threat and we have a two-front attack on learning, with both poverty and pandemic-induced stress converging to effectively shut down the pre-frontal cortex. In spite of valiant attempts with ZOOM and giant packets of work, it now appears that students may be far behind the learning curve and remain so unless we "Flip the ACES". Dr. Bone, an expert on Trauma Informed Practice will unpack a model that takes the acronym of ACE ( Adverse Childhood Experiences) and turns each letter upside down to create a positive strategy for classroom practice. Participants will leave with a prescription for teaching in a post-pandemic system that addresses the threats of both poverty and PTSD, so that we can indeed "Educate for Tomorrow" in today's stressful climate.

This talk was presented at:
2021 National ESEA Conference
February 2021 in Cyberspace
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Linda Bone

Dr. Linda Karges-Bone is an award winning professor, author, television & radio host with 40 years' experience; presentations in 38 states; and a deep research base: writing 34 books for educators and parents. Latest books are"Rich Brain-Poor Brain: Bridging Social and Synaptic Gaps in Schools" and "Brain Tips: Simple, Yet Sensational Strategies for Improving Teaching, Learning, and Parenting." A "standing room only" speaker at national conferences, including 6 Title I and 2 NDI, she is currently engaged in a new, year long Virtual PD training for educators in rural Montana, that will bring the latest in cognitive science, via ZOOM, to previously under-served populations. Her firm, Education InSite helps Title I sites apply research in neuroscience to innovative classroom practice.