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Our Freedom Bell Rings for Literacy, Learning, and Liberty

Today's assessments are a measure of literacy! Students must read, understand, comprehend, and effectively utilize skills that involve the need for implementing literacy strategies. Every question involves literacy. This allows for all students to have their freedom bell ring for literacy, learning and liberty. This presentation will address the idea of using Lexiles to measure student reading ability and correlating the data to student achievement. Additionally, this presentation will attack the long-asked question of how to provide secondary teachers the tools necessary to implement effective literacy strategies into the daily lesson, how to build capacity to observe simple look fors that work during lessons, and the ways to help teachers to teach content through literacy based concepts.

This talk was presented at:
National Title I Conference
February 2018 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Bryan Marshall

Dr. Marshall is a leading data and research agent in the Rankin County School District. As the principal of a small economically disadvantaged school, he understands that literacy is critical to the success of the school. RCSD Administrator of the Year 2017

Charles Frazier

Dr. Frazier is the High School Principal at Brandon High School which is one of the leading high schools in the state in academic success. Literacy Designed Curriculum has been implemented.

Scott Rimes

Dr. Rimes is the Principal of Richland High School and has spent his entire career teaching and leading in Title I schools.  His expertise is in School-Wide Discipline, Instructional/Literacy Strategy Implementation, Dropout Prevention, and School Leadership.  Dr. Rimes was Mississippi's first Certified National Dropout Prevention Specialist through Clemson’s National Dropout Prevention Center. 

Tanya Crain

Dr. Crain's elementary background provides a wealth of knowledge with literacy-based strategies and instructional practices. Dr. Crain has also served as a consultant to struggling schools during the time she worked with The Kirkland Group.