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Moving Staff Well-Being to the Top of the Agenda

Navigating the demands required to lead schools amid great uncertainty and instability is overwhelming. Schools can only support students and their needs to the degree that staff and leaders are supported and well themselves. An intentional focus among administrators on the well-being of self and their staff is crucial now more than ever. We share practical strategies, approaches, and a planning tool that administrators can use to support the wellness of all people in their schools across the school year.

This talk was presented at:
2022 National ESEA Conference
February 2022 in New Orleans, LA
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Judi Vanderhaar

Judi Vanderhaar works as a consultant for the KY Department of Education conducting training on well-being, trauma informed practices, and mindfulness. She has served over 20 years in education, as a substitute teacher, therapeutic aide and an researcher and trainer with Jefferson County Public Schools. Judi holds a Master’s of Science in Sociology and a PhD in Educational Leadership with a focus on urban policy. On a more personal note, she has spent the last decade focused on her inner journey towards deep healing and wholeness.

Michelle Nichols

Michelle Nichols is a Persistence to Graduation consultant at the Kentucky Department of Education. Nichols has served 17 years in education, as a business and marketing teacher, assistant principal, and most recently as head principal of Elkhorn Crossing School in Scott County. Nichols holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree, Master of Arts in Education with emphasis on business education, and a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership.