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KEYNOTE - How to Still Win When Life Doesn’t Play by the Rules

Do you feel like you’re dealing with a lot of uncertainty? As an educator are you battling daily with uncomfortable change that is all around you? How would you like to thrive in the midst of chaos? In this presentation, you will learn to incorporate Dr. Jason’s six most valuable steps for managing and embracing change while learning to thrive during the process. 

You will learn how to: 

    •   Pivot and position yourself for success despite the uncertainties of the COVID-19 pandemic 

    •   Understand that change is not a bad thing and there's growth on the other side 

    •   Develop the discipline that is needed to take action and reinforce your commitment to success 

    •   Connect with self-confidence that will equip you and others to move forward 

    •   Understand how to remain focused on the optimistic outcome vs. your current situation 

    •   Leverage relationships and partner with others to gain influence 

    •   Trust the process in order to experience true growth 

This talk was presented at:
2021 National ESEA Conference
February 2021 in Cyberspace
Jason Carthen

Dr. Jason Carthen is recognized as one of the top executive coaches in the United States, Dr. Jason Carthen, AKA “The Leadership LinebackerTM,” is a former professional football player with the World Champion New England Patriots, an international speaker, bestselling author, media personality and philanthropist.

With a personal mission to motivate, inspire and challenge individuals and organizations to achieve their very best, Jason has helped shape over a half million successful leaders, managers and employees.

Through his global consultancy, Jason Carthen Enterprises, he works with Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies to provide quality training and coaching for thousands of men and women each year. His training programs focus on leadership, team dynamics and organizational culture.

Jason’s research-based leadership solutions and personal development tools are used by some of the most successful companies in the world. His clients include the U.S. Government, J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, General Motors, Chick-fil-A, FedEx, the National Football League, the American Dairy Association, Cleveland Clinic Health Systems, Human Synergistics, Shamrock Companies, Rheem and Chevrolet, to name a few.

Jason has risen to international prominence on matters of leadership, business and motivation, and has been featured in Harvard Business, Forbes, Christian Leadership and Inc. Magazine.