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Impact Through Adversity: My Journey Towards Becoming a Transformational School Leader

Participants will learn how a New Orleans school principal led her school through successful turnaround in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The presenter will highlight actionable leadership practices proven to meet the needs of disadvantaged students leveraging increased federal funding following a national crisis. The focus on sustainable capacity is of particular importance in 2021-22 as leaders look for ways to build long-term impact for student success with the aid of increased federal funding in the wake of COVID-19. Participants will take away actionable strategies for leading through adversity to create thriving schools that prioritize equity, instructional excellence, and students’ academic growth and well-being. The session will provide participants an understanding of how to accelerate school progress using the Transformational Leadership Framework that outlines five key areas central to scaling school improvement success and effective leadership at all levels.

This talk was presented at:
2022 National ESEA Conference
February 2022 in New Orleans, LA
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Karen Bryan-Chambers

Karen Bryan-Chambers is the Senior Director of the nonprofit Leadership Academy at New Leaders. She has more than 26 years of professional experience, including 16 years as a teacher, five years as a principal, and five years in leadership development. As a successful turnaround principal, Karen led transformational school improvement at her Title I campus in New Orleans in the direct aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. At New Leaders, Karen shares her expertise and experiences to help leaders across the nation strengthen their capacity as effective advocates for equitable change.