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From Rookie to Retiree - Transitioning People Well

What’s your job transition history? Has the journey been smooth or rough? Have you settled into one position or moved classrooms, schools, or roles at least once? Join us as we take a closer look at how we prepare for, adapt to, and grow in our roles, and how transitions affect us along with our entire school culture. Our interactive presentation will bring clarity and insights to this current issue and invigorate a renewal to our staff, ourselves, and, in turn, all students entrusted in our care. Together, we will reimagine how we address transitions in our profession. Leaving this session, we believe you will have fresh ideas and a genuine desire to renew your commitment to helping yourself and others transition in, up, and out well.

This talk was presented at:
2022 National ESEA Conference
February 2022 in New Orleans, LA
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Wilma Willard

In the field for 44 years, Wilma Willard, MS Ed, Indiana University, has held a multitude of positions in education. From public to charter to prison school as teacher, varsity coach, vocational program director, nonprofit CEO, and a federal program coordinator at Portage Township Schools, her broad expertise feeds her passion for effective transitions. Mrs. Willard has been awarded the Indiana Health Teacher of the Year, National Finalist Health Education Administrator of the Year, and the International Lifetime Service Award.

Jeffrey King

An educator of 21 years, Jeff King, MS Ed, Indiana University, has experienced four transitions. From student teacher to classroom teacher to administrator at one elementary school to another, and on to high school within Portage Township Schools. These transitions have impacted him and influenced how he helps others transition. Mr. King’s passion is to help students better understand the world around them and the gifts and talents inside of them so they can positively contribute to the world they live in each and every day.

Vanessa Hand

As a Reading Resource teacher, Vanessa Hand, BS Valparaiso University, has experienced transitions. From student teaching into the workforce as a substitute teacher, to Title 1 teacher and now the addition of an English Language Learner Teacher of Record. Mrs. Hand has always taught in Portage Township Schools working with children from Kindergarten to fifth grade. She has also experienced transitions by being under the leadership of three different elementary principals.  Each year has new challenges that have fostered growth in knowledge and compassion.