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From Frustration to Freedom: Advancing Adolescent Literacy for Striving Learners

Leadership is absolutely necessary for creating conditions to advance literacy achievement for adolescents, especially students who are not yet proficient in reading and writing. This session aims to bring educators into the shoes of an adolescent striving reader. Participants will explore the challenges students face when struggling to comprehend and consider how students can use their strengths to grow areas of need. Through the stories of the implementation of a literacy intervention program aligned to the most recent research on adolescent literacy at a high performing Minnesota high school along with shifts made at a small private alternative high school in Nebraska, participants can see how they might (re)design their approach to engaging learners, accelerating growth, and fostering identity change for so many struggling learners.

This talk was presented at:
2022 National ESEA Conference
February 2022 in New Orleans, LA
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Anthony Williams

A former engineer who has now served in Education for 13 years. School administrator for last 8 years. Has spent the last two serving as principal of the Omaha Street School, a private, faith-based, alternative high school for at-risk youth in the inner city of Omaha, NE.

Jennifer McCarty Plucker

Dr. Jennifer McCarty Plucker conducted her doctoral research around a literacy intervention program she and colleagues developed for striving readers at a high-performing high school in Minnesota. After seeing statistically significant gains in reading proficiency for a few years, Dr. McCarty Plucker replicated the program at 5 middle schools in the district and went on to consult with other schools hoping to do the same. She most recently partnered with Omaha Street School to begin their journey.